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Decorating Tips For Spring

Decorate Your House This Spring

For many, enhancing their home decor scheme with each season is a way to bring the outdoors in. And there is no time this feels more necessary than spring. After a long, cold winter, it’s time to let a little sunshine in. Open the windows and get some fresh air. Bring in the bold colors of springtime. Here are a few home decorating ideas for the season.

Fresh Flowers

The simplest, most effective way to bring the spring indoors is to set out vases of fresh, colorful flowers. Whether you buy them at the market or pick them from your garden, flowers will always bring joy into your home. In the early spring, daffodils will give your room a pop of sunny yellow. Flowers that are light blue, lavender and pink will also evoke the feelings of springtime.

Pastel accessories

The color palate most associated with spring is pastel. These muted tones of bolder colors bring to mind the feelings of flowers and fresh grass. You can add pastels to your home with pillows, throws, vases or other accessories. Try to mix green in with various pastel shades to give it a natural look.

Floral patterns

If fresh-cut flowers aren’t enough to keep spring on your mind, try floral patterns throughout your living spaces. Go bold by adding floral furniture or wallpaper. Or if you want to keep your spring design transitional, add floral pillows, rugs or artwork.

Bold contrasts

Spring is also a time of bold contrast. Early in the season, we see the barest hint of green at the top of the trees or peeking out of the cold ground. You can do this in your home too by matching bold colors with neutrals. Brown and blue, gray and pink, and yellow and black are just a few examples of contrasting decor.

Woven baskets

Baskets are often associated with the season and can be an easy way to add a soft spring touch to your room. Baskets can also be very functional. Use one to store throws that you may still need on chilly nights, or to collect children’s toys or pet’s toys to keep clutter off the floor.

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