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Houseplants to Create Serenity

Houseplants to Create Serenity

Houseplants not only enhance a home’s décor but also can create a feeling of serenity in the home. Whether you’re just starting to decorate with plants or greenery already covers every square inch of your home, there is an ideal plant for you. The following are our favorite indoor houseplants.

Snake Plants

These tall, spiky plants are ideal for low-light environments. This makes them a great choice for beginners. Another feature is that this low-maintenance plant can be pretty much neglected and still look fairly hearty.

Spider Plants

Another low-maintenance houseplant is the spider plant. These plants are great for hanging in windows as new growth will fall from the mother plant like spiders from a web. If they have bright but indirect sun and well-drained soil, they’ll be very easy to care for.


Nothing beats a succulent for ease of care. These plants, which are related to cactus, are great indoor plants for windowsills. They don’t require a lot of water and plenty of resources online can show you how to care for them properly.


Be careful not to plant bamboo outdoors where it can quickly get out of control, but an indoor bamboo plant will require little care. Bamboo was a popular indoor plant for a long time because it was so easy to care for. Outdoors, they can make great natural fences, but they do grow fast and are invasive.

Aloe Vera

Although we’ve touched on succulents, aloe vera deserves a mention of its own. This plant is not only easy to take care of indoors but also has a lot of household uses as well. Have you ever burned your finger on a hot pan? Cutting off a stalk of aloe vera does not hurt the plant and a squeeze of the gel inside will soothe the burn.

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