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Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Winterizing your home each year provides many benefits to you and your house. Not only does it prevent possible damages, but it saves you a lot of money! Here are some things you can do each year to winterize your home.

Check Gutters

ALL ABOUT GUTTERS - Cellar Door Home Inspection
image from Cellar Door Home Inspection

Cleaning out your gutters before winter helps prevent water seeping into your basement. As a result, it minimizes microbial growth, which is exactly what you want to avoid growing in your basement. Other potential areas of damage could be cracked patios or walkways.

Have Heating System Checked

Is My Furnace Short Cycling? What is Short Cycling? – Marshall's Inc.
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Getting your heating system checked before winter ensures it is working efficiently, which reduces your heating costs. Keeping it maintained also reduces the risk of it breaking down, the last thing you would want to happen in the winter.

Sealing Cracks

Five Things You Need To Know About Air Sealing Your Home This Winter
image from Windows on Washington

Sealing the cracks of windows, doors, and other openings minimizes air leakage, keeping your temperature up and heating bills down.

Test Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Change Batteries

How to Test Your Smoke Detectors | Allstate
image from Allstate

Keeping an eye on your smoke detectors and making sure they always have working batteries is one of the cheapest ways to not only keep your home safe, but you and your loved ones! Smoke detectors go off when there are signs of a potential fire, so make sure they are good to go at all times!

Empty and Store Hoses

Three Ways to Store a Garden Hose – P. Allen Smith
image from P. Allen Smith

Disconnecting your hose from the outdoor water valves prevents water from getting stuck in your pipes and freezing up. If water freezes in the pipes, it could cause them to burst.

Store Outdoor Furniture and Grills

image from Homesteading

Storing any furniture during the winter that you will not use increases their life span. Whether you store them in a garage or just choose to cover them, keeping them out of the snow, wind, rain, and cold reduces wearing and tearing and means you won’t need to replace them as often. Remove your propane tank from your grill, but do not store in or near your home. The safest place to store your propane tanks is outside in the shade.

Flush Water Heater

Water Heater Maintenance: Gas, Electric, & Tankless | AHS
image from American Home Shield

Periodically flushing your water heater keeps minerals and sediment from accumulating inside your tank. Doing so increases your water heater’s lifespan and function.

Replace Air Filters

How to Change an Air Filter at Home | Air Filter Subscription Service |  FilterTime FilterTime™
image from FilterTime

The many advantages to replacing your air filters before winter include reducing your energy bills, increasing the lifespan of your HVAC system, keeps are quality at a healthy level, reduces the number of breakdowns, and allows you to avoid the need for repairs.

You can do all these things on your own, but it may be easier for you to hire a general contractor. If so, here are a few local ones that would be great to use!

Gordon Construction Co

Strong Wooden Construction

Lee Company

Pinnacle Construction

P&G Service Company

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